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Jan 21st 2011

For with the heart a person believes (adheres to, trusts in, and relies on Christ) and so is justified (declared righteous, acceptable to God), and with the mouth he confesses (declares openly and speaks out freely his faith) and confirms [his] salvation.
ROMANS 10:10

Three rather simple questions .. but questions that should be carefully thought about before they are answered because your answers are the very keys that you require to open the door into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ ..

MAKE SURE it’s RIGHT .. Right Thinking .. Right Believing .. and Right Confessing
O.K. so why is it of such vital importance that you have these things right in your life ? .. The reason is this .. what you think and what you believe will always affect what you say, which is your confession ..

Thinking, Believing and Confessing are three areas in your life that are very closely linked together ..
So if your thinking is right .. then your believing will also be right because the things that you find yourself meditating over will ultimately become deeply rooted in your heart and you will begin to believe those things that you have been meditating over .. and if your believing is right .. then automatically your confession and the things you say will also be right ..
BUT if any one of the three .. your thinking, your believing or your confessing .. is wrong then unfortunately all three of them will be wrong ..

Now our gracious God knew that we would all need a little help and guidance concerning these areas in our lives and so naturally He gave us the solution ..

God provided us with His precious Word .. and it is His true and perfect Word that will help you to get your thinking straightened out and back on track .. because when you begin to meditate on and think in line with God’s Word .. His Word will become established and rooted in your heart and this will cause you to change what you believe and how you believe .. and of course if what you are believing is perfect and true then the words of your mouth will always speak what is right ..

Our Scripture from Romans tells us that .. with the mouth he confesses (declares openly and speaks out freely his faith) and confirms [his] salvation .. which gives us a clear indication of the true power of confession according to God’s Word ..

But do we as God’s children really, really grasp the true place of importance that confessions .. right confessions .. hold in the grand scheme of our lives ? ..

Somehow it seems that through the years we have successfully managed to underrate and play down the true value of right confessions ..
Sadly when the word confession is mentioned.. far to many of us automatically go to the mindset of confessing sins .. confessing weaknesses .. confessing inabilities .. confessing failures .. confessing guilt .. we move straight into the negative side of confession .. BUT .. there is a positive side .. and why we have chosen to remain so focused on the negative side of confession is a true mystery because God’s

Word has so much more to say about the positive side of confessions than it does about the negative side ..
If you were to look up the word confess in the dictionary some of the definitions you would find are : to acknowledge; to declare; to make known; to acknowledge faith in .. and yes you will also find definitions such as : come clean; plead guilty and confession of ones faults ..
But it is important for you to remember that one definition does say .. to confess is to acknowledge and declare your faith .. or .. to acknowledge faith in God’s Word ..

If you carry on making the choice to live your life purely based on one side of the definition of confession .. the negative side .. constantly confessing your guilt, your troubles, your irritations, your doubts, your fears, your failures, your weaknesses .. then that is all you will ever confess .. and this will cause your life as a child of God’s to be extremely unbalanced .. you will end up growing nothing but weakness, failure and sin consciousness in your spirit ..

Do you know that Christianity is very often referred to as The Great Confession !!
O.K. so now that we are all familiar with the word Confession .. are we one-hundred percent sure of what exactly it means .. well it is simple really .. Confessing is actually three basic things .. To confess is to state something you believe .. To confess is to declare something that you know is true .. To confess is to proclaim a truth that you have wholeheartedly accepted ..

So from this moment on you never again have to wonder what you are supposed to be confessing .. your confession should always centre around some very basic principal truths ..

What God has done for you through Jesus Christ in His plan for your salvation ..
What God has done for you through His Word ..
What God has done for you by filling your spirit with the presence of His Holy Spirit ..
Who you are and what you mean to God your Father in Christ Jesus ..
What Jesus is doing for you right now, as He sits at the right hand of His Father where He constantly intercedes and pleads for you ..
What God can achieve through you and what His Word can achieve through you as you proclaim and declare it ..
We have been blessed with the highest honour of loving our faithful God .. and not because of anything that we have ever managed to achieve .. we can love Him purely because He loved us first .. WOW !!

We love Him, because He first loved us .. ( 1 John 4:19 )
Knowing something that amazing should surely be enough motivation for you to change the words that freely flow out of your mouth .. it is time for right confessing .. leave the negativity alone because you are the only one who keeps punishing yourself with it .. in God’s eyes the precious blood of the Lamb has taken care of it and It is finished ..

God loves you .. unconditionally .. and Jesus Christ has ensured once and for all that you are God’s beloved .. you are God’s child .. He has chosen you .. He loves you .. and He delights in you .. BUT .. you have to think it .. you have to believe it .. and you have to confess it ..
You know God did not sit back one day and decide to speak out His precious Word because He was bored and thought it might be funny to tease and tempt His children with a whole lot of meaningless promises and blessings ..

God’s Word is the most magnificent love story .. and the best part about it is that every word that you read was put there especially for you .. every guarantee, every promise, every blessing .. is yours !! .. in and through Jesus Christ ..

You have to know how important you are to God .. and He has taken the time in His Word to tell you ..

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come .. ( 2 Corinthians 5:17 )
There is therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ .. ( Romans 8:1)

As you share the faith you have in common with others, I pray that you may come to have a complete knowledge of every blessing we have in Christ .. ( Philemon 1:6 )

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places .. (Ephesians 1:3 )

We know that we live in him and he lives in us because he has given us his Spirit. .. ( 1 John 4:13 )

May God, the source of hope, fill you with joy and peace through your faith in him. Then you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. .. ( Romans 15:13 )

But whoever obeys what Christ says is the kind of person in whom God’s love is perfected. That’s how we know we are in Christ. .. ( 1 John 2:5 )

These are just a few of the many, many Scriptures that God has given to you .. to let you know that there is nothing more important in His world than you ..

God has already done His part in this partnership that you have with Him .. now it is up to you ..

God is not like people. He tells no lies. He is not like humans. He doesn’t change his mind. When he says something, he does it. When he makes a promise, he keeps it. .. ( Numbers 23:19 )

You know that God is not a Father that lies and changes His mind .. so everything that He has said about you .. every promise that He has made you .. every blessing He has guaranteed you .. is already yours for the taking ..

And all you have to do is THINK RIGHT .. BELIEVE RIGHT .. and CONFESS RIGHT !!

Nov 29th

The LORD said to Moses,
Tell the Israelites to choose something to give me as a special contribution.
You must accept whatever contribution each person freely gives.
EXODUS 25 : 1 – 2

In the above Scripture we read how God speaks to Moses Gods conversation is about people giving or offering a special gift or contribution to Him.

But as we read this Scripture we must understand very clearly the instruction that God gives Moses on receiving the gifts and offerings God did not tell Moses to take and accept everything that the people offered as a special contribution in fact the instruction to Moses was this accept whatever contribution, gift or offering that each person freely and willingly gives.

And that is the lesson that we can learn from the Scripture above: when we give we must always do it with a willing heart and without hesitation.

Giving to God willingly and without hesitation basically comes down to do you really have the desire to give or not.

The desire to give this is an attitude that we develop in our lives and we can refer to this attitude as our want to and without a want to in our lives, we will never really achieve anything significant.

Each and every one of us has had to in the past or are busy in the process of pushing through tough, hard, negative situations and circumstances in our lives and while it is very important to state that although many of us have a strong calling from God on our lives we must still each have that little something extra that fire in our bellies we have to have lots, and lots, and lots of want to.

Perhaps instead of using the words want to we can call that fire in our bellies our passion and it is our passion that inspires, encourages and motivates us to work hard to push forward and to make the sacrifices that we are called to make all with a good, willing attitude.

In your day to day life your want to is a very, very powerful tool with it you are capable of doing your job well you can keep your home clean you can save money you can get yourself out of debt it enables you to set dreams and goals for yourself and it drives you to reach them.

Many of us do not like to admit to the fact that our victories and our defeats are all connected to our want to
We seem to have become so comfortable blaming all our failures on someone or something else we blame the devil we blame other people we blame the past we blame we blame we blame when the hard, cold truth is that we do not have enough of the right kind of want to the right kind of passion.

So what each and every one of us should do is sit back and take a long, honest look at our want to
We have to allow ourselves to become raw and honest enough to admit Lord I did not win that victory because I really did not want to Lord I did not pray today because I really did not want to Lord I did not read the Bible today because I really did not want to Lord I did not meditate on your precious word today because I really did not want to Lord I did not have fellowship with you today because I really did not want to Lord what I did instead was sit on the couch all night long, watching movies and eating popcorn because
that is what I really wanted to do.

Keeping the above in mind there is nothing absolutely nothing wrong with relaxing and enjoying your life as long as you always keep your priorities your want to your passions right and in line with God’s Word

We have to understand and realise that ultimately we will always end up doing what we want to do in our lives if we have a strong desire a burning passion to do something no matter what, we will somehow find a way to reach our goals and make our dreams come true
We must all face the fact that each of us has to take full responsibility for our lives, our actions and our deeds, and although this is a process that many of us might find difficult and challenging it is important for us to remember that it is the truth that will set us free ( John 8 : 32 )

If we are going to serve our Awesome Lord and be His representatives to the world we must have a holy and blessed want to God is really not interested in any of our good works if we are not doing them without hesitation with a pure and willing heart

Nov 24th


For by the grace (unmerited favor of God) given to me I warn everyone amongst you not to estimate and think of himself more highly than he ought [not to have an exaggerated opinion of his own importance], but to rate his ability with sober judgement, each according to the degree of faith apportioned by God to him.
(ROMANS 12 : 3 )

Being in Gods will Being miserable Being in awesome peace

Sounds like a rather strange combination .. So is it possible to live and feel all three of these things at the same time ? ..
Do you ever catch yourself thinking ..

I am in a very tough situation at the moment and I believe I am here because this is exactly where God wants me to be .. but I sure do feel unhappy, frustrated and miserable.

If you do, then hang in there because once again there is good news on the way for you ..
We have all heard the saying that God will never take you to a place where His grace can not keep you .. Well it is true !!
When God requests us to remain in any difficult situation, He will always provide us with a special grace to get through it.
This is the kind of grace that will cause people around you to look at you and wonder .. How? .. How are you able to deal with all the issues you have going on in your life and still have so much peace ? ..

Things are tough .. but don’t you dare allow yourself to settle for an attitude that says .. I don’t think I can do this .. or .. I don’t think I am going to make it

That is the attitude of a quitter .. the attitude of someone that is giving up .. AND THAT IS NOT YOU !!

Yes things are tough .. But you have God ..

Why is it that for us giving-up seems so easy .. but when it comes to trusting God it is so very hard for us to do ..?

If you would learn to trust God .. trust your Father and His amazing grace every minute, of every day .. He will sustain you and He will keep your words, thoughts and your attitudes in line with and in agreement with His Word.

Gods Grace .. His glorious riches granted to you through the beautiful sacrifice made by His beloved Son, Jesus Christ .. His unmerited favor .. Gods power to help and guide you to do everything that you are required to do ..

So can trusting God really, really help you ? ..
Yes, yes, yes .. because Gods grace is power .. and we receive Gods grace by trusting and having faith in Him.

In reading our above Scripture from Romans we are told quite clearly that God has given every one of us a measure of faith .. and that when we think and speak about ourselves, we must never brag or hold too high an opinion about ourselves or our own abilities .. but instead we are to always remain humble and view and judge ourselves according to the degree of faith that God has given us.

Basically .. God is the One Who gives you grace .. God is the One Who gives you faith .. and in your daily life it is unwise to put yourself and your abilities in a higher position than the position you are willing to give God.

It has now been confirmed .. God gives YOU faith ..
So the question is .. What exactly are you doing with your faith ? ..

Are you running on the treadmill of life .. feeling close to burning out because you are still so focused on the works of your flesh .. constantly trying to do things and change things that you simply have no ability to do or to change ? ..

OR ..
Are you focused and dedicated on following Gods guidance and His direction .. trying the very, very best you can to only do what you know is pleasing to God ? ..

Hopefully you are trying to please God and working towards doing what He has called you to do .. because it is when you are operating in this space .. walking in the will of God that you will experience His grace flowing through your life on a daily basis.

Do you know that God does not keep His grace in a little bottle with your name on it, stored on a shelf somewhere .. a little bottle that He can quickly open and pour a tiny drop of grace into your life .. just enough to save you when you are tired, worn out and standing on the edge of quitting and giving up ..?

God is not a gambler .. and when it comes to you .. He takes things very, very seriously .. and because God is with you, it means that His grace is constantly flowing in your life.

Gods grace is not for last minute miracles .. you have to trust that it is something that you can operate in and rely on constantly.

Isn’t that a blessing .. Gods grace is yours .. right now ..
This means that you can climb off the treadmill of life .. and come to the very real understanding that when it comes to the circumstances that you are up against .. you have absolutely no reason to struggle and frustrate yourself by trying to figure them out .. or trying to fix them .. or even trying to fight your way out of them .. because you know, that you know, that you know .. that grace has got you covered .. and with this knowledge and faith in God you can move into His peace, as of this very moment.

But I say, walk and live [habitually] in the [Holy] Spirit [responsive to and controlled and guided by the Spirit]; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh (of human nature without God) .. (Galatians 5 : 16)

Isn’t this a beautiful Scripture? .. it is teaching us exactly how we can move away from focusing on ourselves, our abilities and any works of the flesh that we might consider to be important .. we must make a habit of living every moment and walking each step in the Holy Spirit.

We do not have to conquer and beat the flesh so thatwe can then walk in the Spirit ..

No, No, No ..

If we choose to deeply concentrate on the Holy Spirit .. there will be absolutely no room in our lives for us to entertain of fulfil any of our flesh’s desires and self-proclaimed abilities .. because we will be entirely focused on our beautiful relationship with God and His amazing love for us.

Do you remember the day that you realised you just could not handle your life on your own anymore .. and you turned to Jesus to invite Him to come into your heart and into your life ? ..

Do you recall the absolute willingness you had in your heart on that day to be totally dependant on Him ? ..

Well that very same total and complete dependence on God .. should still be the way we conduct our lives today !!

If you choose to no longer rely on yourself .. but instead turn to and rely on God .. your circumstances will no longer have control over you because you will have the power of Gods grace in your life .. and remember grace is available to you in whatever amount you need .. Right Now !!


Nov 19th
But you shall receive power (ability, efficiency, and might) when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witness in Jerusalem and all Judea and Samaria and to the ends (the very bounds) of the earth.
( ACTS : 1 : 8 )

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you have found yourself so desperate that you fell to your knees .. prayed to God .. and hoped that He would just bless you and fill you with weaknesses and inabilities .. Just don’t Think So ..

It is a good thing too that we are not that foolish .. because Jesus intended so much more for you .. just read the amazing promise He made to you in the above Scripture .. you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you

POWER .. God has a deep desire for you to live and enjoy a power-packed life .. He wants you to be powerful .. a person who constantly and consistently walks in His victory ..

So how do we open the doors of our lives to allow this Mighty Power to come flooding in ? ..

Well, the Holy Spirit is the key ..

The precious Holy Spirit is the enabling power of God .. and it is when He comes into your life that you will receive His power ..
Now here is a question for you ..

You have all of the Holy Spirit .. but how much of you does He have ? ..

The true anointing power of the Holy Spirit will best be experienced in your life when you finally find the end of yourself and your self-control .. and you start to look into the beautiful face of Jesus Christ ..

The more of your own power and control you are willing to surrender .. the more the Holy Spirit’s power is free to flow.

But the Comforter (Councillor, Helper, Intercessor, Advocate, Strengthener, Standby) the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My name [in My place, to represent Me and act on My behalf], He will teach you all things. And He will cause you to recall (will remind you of, bring to your remembrance) everything I have told you. .. ( John 14 : 26 )

Each one of us has a variety of problems and emotions that we face on a daily basis .. situations that cause us a great deal of anxiety and pain .. but it does not have to be this way !!

As we can see in the Scripture above .. the Holy Spirit has every characteristic and every quality required to defeat and overcome any problem that comes across our path .. if we will allow Him too !!

The Holy Spirit will not force His way into your life .. He is a gentleman and He will wait until you extend an invitation for Him to enter into and take control of every area of your life ..

We all begin our journey with Jesus as little babies and growing up spiritually is a process that we must all go through ..

One of the first lessons we must learn in our growing process is .. to trust God.

Don’t you find yourself quite amazing at times .. especially when it comes to the negative things in your life.

We are not fools and even with our eyes closed we would be able to point out with one-hundred percent accuracy, each and every little thing in our lives that make us sad, scared and miserable ..

We know these things well .. and we are well aware that the anxiety and misery they cause us are slowly killing our spirits .. And yet because our stress and sadness have become such familiar companions, we seem to be so afraid of letting go ..

But this is where Trusting God becomes so vital .. learning to let go and let God.

Slowly but surely .. little by little .. if we will begin to release areas of our lives into God’s precious hands .. faithfully trusting that God will turn everything around for our good .. the better our daily journeys through life will become .. and we will start to experience peace, joy, hope and a sense of empowerment ..

As we release .. the Holy Spirit’s power becomes free to flow ..
Going back to the Acts 1 : 8 Scripture .. notice that we are told that we will receive the Holy Spirit’s power to be witnesses for Jesus .. it does not say that we will receive power to do witnessing ..

O.K. so what does that mean ?

Well it means that God wants you to develop and become all that He has in mind for you .. and then out of who you are in Jesus Christ .. you will begin to do what He desires you to do.

Now do not misunderstand this .. doing witnessing is good .. but it is very, very important for us to be witnesses for Jesus in our everyday lives ..

It is wonderful for us to attend Church .. it is great for us to go to Bible study and prayer groups .. and it is fantastic to be compassionate and do good deeds .. BUT .. God’s deepest, deepest desire for you, is that you will become more and more like His beloved Son, Jesus Christ .. He wants you to be Christ like in all of your thoughts .. your words .. your deeds and your attitudes ..

There is such an amazing, amazing life waiting for each one of us .. futures that are burning brightly .. the problem is that we run the risk of missing out on the beautiful plans that God has for us ..

We put ourselves at risk when we allow ourselves to get totally blinded and overly concerned by all the circumstances that surround us .. when in reality we should be far more concerned with what is happening in our hearts ..

Remember : God your Father is so much more interested in changing you than He is in changing your circumstances.

I am sure that each and everyone of us would love to have an increase of the Holy Spirit and His anointing power in our lives .. And We Can Have It ..

Surrender and release every area of your life into Gods care .. allow God to become the Managing Director over your life .. and as you take these steps of faith .. the power of the Holy Spirit will begin to rain into your heart .. giving you all the authority that you need to walk proudly as God’s child .. in His victory !!


Nov 12th

The Tools of Faith

In Mark 11:23 Jesus says:
I can guarantee this truth: This is what will be done for someone who doesn’t doubt but believes what he says will happen: He can say to this mountain, ‘Be uprooted and thrown into the sea,’ and it will be done for him.

In the above Scripture Jesus is teaching you to use words the way God uses them Words are not just a means of communication Words are the tools you use, by FAITH, to bring things to pass Words are used to make things happen.

Jesus makes it very clear in Matthew 12:34 36 that your words determine your future:

You poisonous snakes! How can you evil people say anything good? Your mouth says what comes from inside you.Good people do the good things that are in them. But evil people do the evil things that are in them.I can guarantee that on judgment day people will have to give an account of every careless word they say.

As a Christian, know that your future is determined by your words It is what you say, when you say it and how you say it that shapes your future and your situation

I am scared to death, I am just dying to do thatI believe I am getting sick, If anyone is going to loose their job here, it’s going to me, Sounds familiar?

I can hear you say: Aagh, people don’t really mean that stuff they say.They’re just talking.

Well, it might be true that people don’t really mean what they are saying BUT the devil does not care!

Weekly Message

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