Ministry in Brazil 2013

We arrived after a long trip in the early hours of the morning and went straight to retire to sleep.

We ministered in a small satellite church of approx 70 people, 8 people responded to the call of salvation and many were prayed for healing.

Day 2
Again the evening meeting was in another satellite church where there were many healings. After the meeting was over we went back to the main church where there was a party being run for the friends of the people of the church, to our amazement there was at least 2000 people there, with banners, streamers, many food stalls and fun games and dancing. At the party we met a young girl in a wheelchair whom we prayed for last year. This girl last year had been constantly screaming all her life of approx 20 years in pain. Last year we prayed for her and the pain left her. One year later she is now a member of the new satellite church in her area and she is still pain free. I am almost unable to hold back the tears that I have at this moment and thinking how blessed we are to be used like this for the Lord Jesus.

In the morning we went to the new church where I prophesied would be last year. What va privilege to preach there. When the call for salvation took place 19 people accepted Christ. There was wonderful healing of all types. People were set free from homosexuality and drugs.

In the evening we went to the main church under Pastor John Nunes.

There were approx 1000 in the church this night; it was a great night of worship to the Lord. There were numerous miracles of which Helen prayed for who testified one lady who had a stomach tumour who was healed. Others had cancers leave their breasts.

I preached on the difference of 2 men and 80 people accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time. There was a young woman who was suffering from Lupus who was carried into the meeting and was placed upon 2 chairs stretched out. She was prayed for and received a great miracle with all the church standing on their feet clapping and shouting as she walked around the room totally healed. Homosexual demons were cast out and many other wonderful signs and wonders were evident as people testified.

Day 4 Rest Day
Today we visited homes pf people who needed prayer. Whilst on our travels we visited the home of a man who we prayed for last year. He was in hospital with a brain tumour and many other tumours on his body also he was paralyzed on the whole right side of his body. The doctors had done all they could for him. So the great healer took over and he was totally healed jumping up and down and going to church.

Day 5
We visited the hospital to pray for a few people, a man with cancer of the liver, a man with aids and a man with a problem in his chest. In the evening we went to the church of Pastor Alvacy.

He was the Pastor I prayed for before returning to UK last year as you can read on my previous report. The doctors, all the family and all the church were waiting for him to die, but death took a nosedive when Jesus took over. I prophesied last year to him that when I return he will be in his church leading the meeting and I will preach and that was exactly what happened this night. Many received miracles of healing and 5 were saved.


Day 6
In the evening we visited the church of Pastor Luis Julio, this was a young church and approx 20 people accepted Jesus as their Lord who were not sure if they were a Christian or not. As I told the church that if they were not sure then they very likely were not.

Day 7
In the afternoon we travelled over the new bridge which is 4.5 Kms long to a small city in the jungle called Iranduba. There was a church there under construction for the last 3 years. The pastor and his wife were very friendly and they invited us into their humble home. This was a very poor area. After ministering to a few of the locals we went back over the river to our Hotel. The evening meeting was the same church as the night before. Many testified of their miracles from the night before and approx 10 accepted Jesus for the first time in their lives.

Day 8
We rose early at 5am and were taken by Taxi 250 miles to Itapiranga then we caught a boat to a small city called San Sebastian across the river. This was a very beautiful quite city but very poor.

In the evening 56 people accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time also there were many healings. In the morning we rose early to catch a small boat to take us back to Itapiranga we had gone approx 4 miles when the outboard motor broke down. Nevertheless the driver was very skilled and just managed to drive the boat back to where we came from under very little power. We waited for another boat then the taxi was waiting for us to go back to Manaus.

After 10 mins of arriving back at our hotel I was picked up to go to preach at the church of Pastor Montefussco the National President of the IDPD. There were approx 28 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and approx 200 were prayed for healing many testified to their miracle. Straight from here we went to the church of Pastor Asif, again a very large beautiful church, there were approx 800 in the congregation.

In this church approx 15 accepted Jesus for the first time and we prayed for approx 500 people for healing. There were testimonies of miracles. There was a young girl approx age of 9 who was demon possessed. People could not hold her such was the power of the demon. I grabbed her and ministered to her the demon used her to bite and scratch me even to the point of blood coming from my arms in a few places. Nevertheless Jesus got the victory and she was set free.

Day 9 Rest Day

Day 10
At lunch we went to the meeting of all the Pastors in the Amazon. I had the privilege of addressing to people and had the opportunity to share what had been happening in the churches. The rest of the day we had as a rest day, we were very grateful of this as for the last week we had been suffering from what seemed like bronchitis and were beginning to feel really low.

Day 11
Today we were feeling a little better and went to the church in Iranduba the place we visited last week. This was a very small church of approx 70 people. The meeting was held in an annex of the Home of the Pastor. Helen spoke first and gave our greetings then I spoke. There were approx 20 people who accepted Jesus for the first time, 2 of them the church had been praying for years for them to be saved. There were some wonderful miracles over 20 in all.


Helen prayed for a lady who had her right foot in a bandage, she had been having treatment on the foot and it was very inflamed. As soon as Helen prayed for her she went back to her seat. Within a minute she was back carrying a leaf with a 4 inch long worm that had come out of her foot on it. There were people who had back problems and a lady had a tumour on her breast that vanished as well as many other healings.

Day 12 Rest Day

Day 13
In the evening we ministered in the main church at the prayer meeting. There were 4 meetings taking place approx 500 were there altogether. One team went into the jungle for 4 days of prayer; at the meeting I led I explained 10 reasons why prayer would not be answered by God. There was much repentance and over 60 were baptised with the Holy Spirit speaking in tongues.

Day 14
In the evening we spoke at the youth meeting, my message was “Do not be unequally yoked to unbelievers”.

It was a very good meeting with approx 100 youth in attendance. There was ministry time afterwards and people were set free from some very deep emotional and sexual hurts.

Day 15
This was to be our last day in Manaus before travelling down the river. The meeting was in the main church under Pastor John Nunes. My message was about “Generational Iniquity”. It was the night that Brazil was playing in the Football Final on the Confederations cup. There were approx 1000 people in the church but we all knew the score as every time Brazil scored Fireworks were let off all over the town. They won 3 -0 against the world champions Spain.

Day 16 Rest day

Day 17
Today we left very early at 6am to catch the Fast express boat to one of the towns in the Interior called Nova Olinda. It was a small church of approx 80 people where 10 accepted Jesus for the first time and there were many miracles.

Day 18
Again the meeting was in the same town where 5 people accepted Jesus and a few miracles.

Day 19
We caught a boat to the next Interior town called Borba, may I say these town are very much predominantly Catholic, so the churches are in a real battle. This church was a strong church of approx 200 people, there was a lot of deliverance in this church this night.

Day 20
Again the meeting was in the same town and same church. The meeting was very much the same except there was a new freedom in the place also there were some healings.

Day 21
We left very early to go to the town called Autazes. I was very surprised how beautiful this town was it was like a resort in the middle of the Amazon. The church was a new plant and there was just 14 people in the church. We held the meeting in the road opposite the Pastor’s House. He put out 70 chairs in the road and closed off the small street. Every chair was full. This was a great night 2 old ladies that were almost completely blind were healed, some people who had been suffering with cancer , headaches and many other infirmities for many years very set free from the problems. I made a called for salvation and approx 50 people responded; I think mainly for to get right with the Lord. Five accepted Jesus for the first time.

Day 22
Again we had a very early start to catch a ferry, then a taxi across the interior then another ferry boat to Manaus. The meeting in the evening was in the main church of Pastor John and my message was the same as last week ‘Generational Iniquity’ as the Pastor wanted the church to really understand what this was all about. It was a great meeting with approx 1000 people. There was a mass deliverance after I preached. Approx 15 gave their lives to Jesus and many were healed. After the meeting we went for dinner then to get ready for the trip back to Rio de Janerio for a one night stay before returning to the UK.


Day 23 Rio

Day 24
Return to UK. We wish to thank everyone for their prayers and support as we went on this mission. God Bless you all.

Pastor David & Helen

Ministry in Brazil 2013

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