Brazil September 2012

Day 1
We arrived at Manaus in the Amazon after 26 hours from leaving home in UK. It was really great to see our friends at the airport to meet us. Whilst on the plane the man sitting next to us accepted Jesus as his own personal Lord.

We went straight to the restaurant for some lunch then for a short rest and after 4 hours we spoke to the church leaders and a few received prayer for deliverance.

Day 2
After breakfast we did some sight seeing as there is massive building projects in the country and everywhere is having a face lift getting ready for the World Cup also for the next Olympics. I went to the hospital to pray for 4 men who had aids and left believing God had met their need after repentance. Later I spoke to the youth of the church approx 300 and many received prayer. Eight people accepted Jesus as Lord this first night.

Day 3
In the morning we went to a new church, what a blessing there were many wonderful miracles. Cancer pain left a lady, a lady with heart problem healed and many others.

In the evening it was in the main church. I preached on the parables and almost all the 1000 people made a solid decision to be sold out to the work of the Lord. Approx 600 was prayed for healing and there were many documented healings.

Day 4
We spent the whole day resting until the evening meeting which was in a very humble neighbourhood, approx 150 people were there. A call for salvation was made and 60 people responded also many testified to receiving a miracle.

Day 5
Early in the morning we caught a River Taxi to go to a small town called Januaca.

River Taxi

The owner of the taxi had skin cancer so we prayed for him and he gladly accepted Jesus as his Lord. After arriving on shore we travelled for 1 hour into the interior before arriving at this town. A family of the church, Marcelo and his wife had moved to this town, we were made very welcome and had coffee and fruit before having lunch.

Marcelo and Eleaina

We were visited by the Mayor and his committee, nine people in total who were very friendly and they all accepted Jesus as their Lord. A few were prayed for and were healed. One man was so excited that he took us to his home where we prayed for 3 generations to be healed from various problems as all were healed.

After lunch we had a sleep on a hammock before returning back to Manaus. The evening meeting was in a small church, they were all Christians but many were set free from there problems.

Day 6
In the evening we went to Alvorada a satellite church of Pastor John Nunes there were approx 120 people there and 9 accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time. People were healed and set free from much bondage.

Day 7
At lunch time we went to a small church was dinner, afterwards people were prayed for and a young man approx 30 years of age came for prayer. He had cancerous lump on his testicles, after prayer he went to the bathroom to try himself and he was healed the lump had gone. The evening meeting was held outside in the road. The church blocked the road off so the meeting could take place there were approx 120 people there. Approx 20 accepted Jesus as their Lord for the first time there was a man who had a pacemaker for his heart but it was not working any longer he was healed. A man whose leg hurt so much was healed; a lady with a head problem for 10 years was healed.

Day 8
We were taken around the city with Peter one of the elders of the church where we visited the Manaus Theatre, a most beautiful place built by the English in the time of all the rubber industry. After then we had lunch, we called to pray for a young child who could not walk. His father had died of HIV and his mother had the same. On our way back home I called the driver to stop in the middle of the road as I saw a man crippled on 2 crutches. We went to pray for him and he was healed. He was a Catholic but now he accepted Jesus as Lord. The evening meeting was in Mount Zion church. Approx 12 people accepted Jesus and many received a miracle of healing. There was a lady who was prayed for last year, she was in a wheelchair and was paralyzed. This year she testified of being totally healed after I prayed for her last year.

Day 9
We were taken to a most fantastic Fish restaurant which was owned by a Christian with a reputation of being probably the finest in the world. He wanted to treat us for lunch and what a fine meal it was.

The meeting was in the church of Pastor Eliel there were approx 100 people at the meeting. Many received a miracle healing and 8 accepted Jesus as Lord.

Day 10
Today was a very busy day. The morning meeting was at Pr Julio’s Church called Cidade Nova there were approx 150 people and 6 accepted Jesus as Lord many were prayed for healing.

After lunch we went to the Church of Pastor Montefussco who is the National President of IDPD of all Brazil. This was a great meeting approx 1000 people. There was a blind lady who was healed and many miracles of all types also 6 people accepted Jesus as Lord.

As soon as this was finished we were driven back to Pr Julio’s church for the night service again approx 150 people but they were mostly a different congregation to the morning meeting. Again 6 people accepted Jesus and numerous people were healed also many came to give testimony of miracles after prayer last year.

Day 11
Today we travelled down the Amazon then on to the town of Nona Olinda which means new and pretty. This was my first time to this small city of approx 17,000 people. We arrived late but just in time for the nights meeting. It was a small satellite church of approx 150 in attendance. There very many healed including one of the local Pastors, 8 accepted Jesus as Lord for the first time.

Day 12
We stayed another day in this city so more people could be reached. I brought a message from Isaiah Ch 35. It was quite miraculous because every topic I spoke on the Lord fulfilled His word. Weak Hands, Feeble knees, Fearful hearted, 10 accepted Salvation, Blind, Deaf, Lame, Dumb were healed. Baptism of the Holy Spirit, deliverance from demons, healing, approx 70 backsliders returned and great joy in the church. It was a truly wonderful meeting in this far away city. God is truly Great!

Day 13
We travelled by a small 4 man boat 100 miles to the next town called Borba. The meeting at night was in the church where approx 14 people accepted Jesus and many received prayer for healing.

Blind Lady Now Can See

Day 14
We travelled to the next town called Nova Aripuana approx 150 miles away. In all these towns down the river we had to walk up approx 150 steps some wood, some concrete. The locals are usually on hand to carry the cases on their heads they certainly deserve the £2 they charge for carrying they are truly a great blessing by being there.

The church was a small church of approx 60 people but we were there to encourage them. Helen spoke on 2 Corinthians Ch 4 v 16-18 Seeing the invisible after I brought a short message on the New Heaven in Rev Ch 21. A call for Salvation was made and 3 accepted Jesus. Many were healed including a man who could not eat food because of cancer. After prayer I called a sandwich and drink to be brought for him and he ate it with no problems,

Day 15
After lunch we travelled to the town called Manicore. We were on one of the distributaries of the main river so we needed to catch a small pilot boat to get to the deeper waters as the rivers are low at time of year. Whilst we were waiting a old man who carried the baggage and lived on a small broken down boat asked if I was a Pastor after I gave him one of my books. He told me that he prayed to God and had a bible but he did not know what he had to do to be a Man of God. He willing asked Jesus to save him; this was a huge blessing as we could physically see the Holy Spirit come into him, his face changed and he started to cry. We told him where the church was then we got on the boat. We arrived 4 hours later and were met with a great crowd of people because this weekend was a Festival of the largest water melon also a rodeo and agricultural show. Whilst having supper we were with a man who mines gold in the river and found out that is was very profitable as there in gold under this river.

Day 16
The first night was good meeting even though the Festival was taking place. Approx 150 people were there many were healed and twelve people accepted Jesus as Lord.

Day 17
Again the Festival was on so the numbers were limited to approx 150 people, 2 accepted Jesus for the first time, almost all there were baptised in the Holy Spirit at the end, so there was great rejoicing.

Day 18
We travelled back to Manaus which was a long journey on a fast boat, this took almost 13 hours.The night was a free night for us so we just chilled out after supper;

Day 19
We rested most of the day except for going to lunch. The evening meeting was on a local football field with approx 150 people present. There were wonderful miracles as well as 26 people accepting Jesus as Lord for the first time.

Day 20
After breakfast we went to pray for a Pastor who was suffering from many sicknesses then we went to the recording Studio of Pastor John to make a short video. Afterwards we went to visit a man who had been in hospital the week before who the doctors had expected to die with aids. We found out that after we prayed for him he had a miraculous recovery and was dismissed from the hospital totally baffling the doctors.

Whilst we were there we ministered to a few people in the streets and the Lord touched them all. There was one old lady who was watching so I asked her what she needed; she replied that she hoped the Lord would remove all the drunks and drug traffickers off her street. So I prayed that they would leave or repent. In the evening I spoke at the leaders meeting of the main church of Pastor John Nunes. It was a very good meeting of approx 100 leaders; I spoke on witchcraft control in families and the church. Many received prayer, whilst at the meeting we were told that the drug traffickers has moved and left the area of where I prophesied over that afternoon.

Day 21
We were taken to a very nice city approx 80 miles away in the jungle called ‘Presidente Figueiredo’ with Pastor Pedro (Peter) who was from an original Indian tribe. He was our guide through a small part of the jungle; we saw monkeys, caves and waterfalls. After lunch we travelled back to Manaus.

In the evening Helen spoke at one church to a group of ladies where many received prayer for emotional damage, whilst I spoke at another satellite church of Pastor John Nunes. Many received prayer for healing, an old lady who had been suffering from a stroke gat out of the wheelchair and walked a few steps for the first time in 8 months, 10 people accepted Jesus as Lord.

Day 22
Today we did some personal ministry to a few people in need afterwards we rested and prepared to go to the airport very early in the morning to fly down to Rio de Janerio.

Two Deaf and Mute Ladies Healed

Day 23
After missing a night’s sleep we were taken to the beautiful Imperial city of Petropolis in the mountains something like Austria. Pastor Vladimir received us and took us to a first class restaurant then on to our Hotel built on the hillside overlooking the boating lake, around the lake was horses and carriages. We felt wonderfully blessed after 3 weeks intensive ministry. After a rest we went to the church to speak to the youth of the church.

There were approx 100 youth at the meeting the youth of the church are growing rapidly and this day 6 accepted Jesus for the first time. Many were healed of various problems this included 2 Deaf Mutes who were totally healed. Here they are pictured below.

Brazil September 2012

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