Read the testimonies from people who have been touched by God.

Pearl’s Testimony

My name is Pearl E Wheatley and this is my Testimony.
I remember in March 2018 I was suffering with bad chest pains on my left side of my body, near my heart.
I went to the Doctors with my husband. Whilst I was in the Doctors surgery my husband mentioned to the doctor that I had a lump under my chin. I had dismissed it, but the doctor was insisting that I should go to the hospital to have it checked out. I went to hospital and had tests, I was told I had lymphoma. I was devastated but I clung to the Word of God. I knew Pastor David Measures is a strong Man of God. Even demons, one time in my hearing called him A Man of God. I knew I wanted Jesus Christ to work through this Holy Vessel and pray for me.
We drove from Leeds to his church and when I got inside the church I felt the deep presence of Jesus Christ. I went to the front of the Church and asked the Pastor to pray for me. I fell to the floor and Sister Julia said she saw in the spirit an Angel come and swallow the lump. I was wearing a bandage under my chin over the tumour and another Christian Sister said to me “Your bandage looks flat” I had to return to the hospital for a further appointment a few days later. Following that the Counsultant rang me and confirmed that

“My lymphoma has gone” Praise God!!! I am healed!!!


Jesus Christ ‘The same, Yesterday today and forever.’ Amen

Freed from Captivity

Dear David,

I wish to thank your wife and yourself for travelling so far to visit our family and to pray for our son. It is marvelous to have him back with us, safe and well again and taking no medication at all.

Only our God could do something like that! He started the college course last week and is enjoying it. He will have a marvelous testimony, though at the moment I am not very sure that he is aware how ill he was. We Know! We his parents and his brother are grateful to Jesus for freeing him. I do believe also that healing started in the Psychiatric hospital when we gave him the prayer handkerchief whilst he was sectioned. It was an act of obedience.

Thank you again for your guidance and support. He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world! We trust God will continue to guide us as a family. May the Lord Jesus bless, keep and protect you both as you continue to trust Him and not to lean on your own understanding. Thanks from all our family.

My Testimony by Charles

My name is Charles and I have been a Christian for the last twenty five years. About six years ago my right eyesight was so bad that my eye consultant told me that the essential blood flow to the retina had stopped and that I would not be able to see any longer, consequently I became blind in the right eye. However the Lord Jesus had other plans, when Pastor David prayed for me in the latter part of 2006 I began to see partially. Recently in early 2007 during a check-up session with my eye consultant, it was revealed to me that any further damage to my eye had stopped and the problem was getting better. He discharged me and told me in future I only needed to see the normal optician. Satan had to quit his work because of the Lord’s mighty intervention. Progressively my eyesight is getting better. Praise Be to God!


My Testimony by Walter

Since my age of 12 years old I was suffering with a very weird headache. I taught it was caused by the violent way in which my father treated all of his 12 sons. He used to beat us up on our head in such a violent way that it caused all of my brothers to suffer from headaches. Then I was saved by the grace of our good Lord Jesus, after couple of years I began to suffer so I then went to see the Doctor to see what was going on wrong with my head. They diagnosed that I had an abnormality in my brain after an X-ray. At that time I didn’t pay attention to it neither did the Doctors explain to me anything about the abnormality, which I had?

The pain kept growing day-by-day and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. The crisis was attacking me suddenly and it was really hard to stand in faith. I was surviving by taking Aspirins and all kind of pain killing medicines. In all my trips I had to have painkiller with me in order to be able to speak to the people of God. In the year 2000 here in Israel I was taken to the Hadassah Hospital with the crisis. There the doctors diagnosed a brain infection and that two growing membranes were in between the skull and the brain itself. They said that these membranes were 25 years old. So, when I was under the crisis I was loosing the strength of my right side also the vision of the left side and I wasn’t able to talk. My brain was growing shallow. Within time I began to be not able to read or speak on the mobile phone neither could I use my Laptop. The Hospital decided to send me to the best neurosurgeon Doctor to see what he could do in order to help me. Last year 2006 I was two months very ill and I thought this would be my last days of my life. In June 2006 I was in Brazil translating the Fire Sowers conference and ministering inside Brazil (Manaus, Rio, Olinda) for 75 days. A week before I came back to Israel, I was attacked by the crisis on the street in Rio. It was horrible.

In March I was in Pr David Measures home where I asked him to pray for me. When I came back home to Israel I went to see the Doctor with all the M.R.I and all the examinations that the Hospital had done. The Doctor took all the examinations and checked them out and he said to me: ‘I’ve never seen a so strong and healthier brain like yours! Have a long life, sir!! I now feel the healing of the Lord Jesus in my whole entire body for the Glory of the Lord. As it is written in the Word, ‘ I AM JEHOVAH YOUR DOCTOR!!! Halleluiah!!! Amen!

Walter Ariel Keren Or

My Testimony by Pam

For over twenty five years I suffered with osteoarthritis in my spine. This condition worsened over the years which left me after doing any lengthy walking in so much pain that I would have to stay in bed for long periods to recover. I was under the pain clinic at the hospital which helped me to manage the pain as it was so severe. To help me get around I used two walking sticks a wheelchair and an electric scooter. After David had prayed for Sue he prayed for me. I felt so much better that I left my walking sticks in the Church. I thank God for the touch of the Lord upon my life! It has now enabled me to serve the Lord alongside my husband who is the Pastor of the Church much more and I give him all the praise and the glory.


My Testimony by Sue

In 2000 I was involved in a car crash which left me with pain in my back and neck. The pain got so bad that I had to retire from work. In 2003 while going to the hospital another car went into the back of our car which made my injuries worse. I have had various treatments at the hospital but nothing took away the pain and I could not sleep at night. I was told that my back would never be the same again. On Sunday 1st October David Measures came to minister at our Church. When he asked if anyone wanted prayer I was the first out of my seat. Afterwards I knew that God had performed a miracle. I could walk pain free and I did not need my stick and now I have a spring in my step. God has given me my life back. I give God all the glory and I thank him for the power in Jesus name! I have since sold my mobility scooter.

On Sunday the 12th November I was showering when I noticed that the hump that developed at the back of neck had gone. PRAISE THE LORD!


My Testimony by Terry Haywood

My name is Terry; I have been suffering with high blood pressure for a number of years. My Doctor referred me to the Leicester Royal Infirmity where I had to visit every six months to see if they could do something for me. My blood pressure was also taken several times in this six month period by my Doctor and the pressure was always high. Later I was referred to the Coalville Hospital; they tested me and my blood pressure was very high. They changed my tablets to see if that would work, they also told me to have my blood pressure taken every two weeks, still it was always high.

I told my Pastor, David Measures of my problems, he prayed for me to be healed of my high blood pressure. Two days later I had my blood pressure taken and it was found to be normal. I now have my pressures taken every six months and for the last one and a half years they have been always normal. Praise the Lord.

The Lord has also healed me of an Aortic Aneurysm; this affects the main blood vessel from the heart. The problem is had started to grow and I had to go for an examination every six months. It can be life threatening, and there was a possibility I might be in need of a major operation. I asked Pastor David to pray for me, and it has not grown anymore since that time.

Also I have been delivered from the bondage to smoking that I have had for sixty years. It is now five years since the Lord set me free. I have many things to praise God for in my life. Thank you Jesus!

Terry Haywood

My Testimony by Bill Roberts

My name is Bill Roberts, for many years I suffered from a mental illness, one day I entered a police station wielding a knife and demanded that they put in the cells. They did not know what to do because I hadn’t committed a crime but they could see I was distressed so they agreed. Whilst in the cells I tried to commit suicide, the police took me to court and they all agreed I could stay behind bars, as I could impose a threat to society. I agreed to seek medical help and was put into my girl friend’s care. She took me to the GP, then a string of psychiatrists, CPNs, socials workers, psychologists, etc, etc. I seriously self harmed, and had overpowering thoughts of hurting others even Pauline my girlfriend. The list of psychotropic medication I was taking was endless. I even spent three months in a mental hospital, having electro convulsive shock treatment. Nothing seemed to cure me completely. Then we met a man in a pub who invited me to the YTF Church in Coalville. There Pastor David prayed for me, the next week I accepted Jesus and Pastor David broke the devil’s hold over my life in Jesus name. I knew I was healed Praise God. I am now happily married to Pauline and we are both Born Again Christians.

Bill Roberts


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