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Knowing Your Enemy

Knowing Your Enemy

Isaiah Ch 59 v 19. When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.

Chapter 5 Breaking Free.
In the account of the man in the tombs David answers the questions that many have asked why did Jesus agree to the demon’s request Why did the God of creation allow the pigs to die?

In this book there are testimonies of the Lord’s continual miraculous power over the devil and his demon’s in people’s lives today, proving that Jesus is the same Yesterday, Today and Forever.

Cost of Knowing Your Enemy £7.00 including P&P UK only

Freedom in Christ DVD

Freedom in Christ

This set of 5 DVDs gives an in-depth teaching on deliverance. It is as relevant to those who are in ministry as it is to those individuals who have questions about their lives where there is no seemingly valid answer.

Cost of Freedom in Christ £15.00 including P&P UK only

Up Hill and Down Dale

Up Hill and Down Dale

This book is about the vision the Lord gave me whilst on holiday in the Yorkshire Dales. The Lord spoke to the people of His ways during the time that he walked the earth. He used everyday occurrences to get his message across to them and continues to do the same today. This book demonstrates the way of salvation, by using a small flock of sheep as illustration and is full of bible doctrine.

Cost of Up Hill and Down Dale £3.00 including P&P UK only

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